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Waiting for opportunities until the guest arrives will work against your operations in many ways. Instead, it is better to take a proactive stance and start driving customer experience and revenue from the get-go. The benefits are abundant, namely:

Increase the interaction time with your guests:

  • Making the service feel more attentive and generally of a higher level;
  • Increase exposure of your products and services to your guests. This equals more revenue opportunities;
  • Higher chance the guest will get the most out of their stay, by providing them with more inspiring plans to add to their itinerary.

Facilitate a truly worry-free vacation!

Take care of the planning and decision-making process. Curate a selection of various activities for different stay durations so every guest can just follow the itinerary without having to do their own research and planning.

Answer pre-arrival questions:

Any questions or issues can be answered before arrival, alleviating some workload that otherwise would be carried by front office staff.

Think of sending a welcome email (providing basic information and confirming their booking) followed by an email shortly before the guest´s arrival (directions to the hotel, parking information, things to do, products and services in the hotel incl. bookable options). This also proposes opportunities to drive traffic to your website (e.g. package pages and blog posts), which is always beneficial when it comes to SEO.

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