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Modern elegance and stunning style converge to perfection in Megan and Andrew’s dream day. Choosing a destination wedding, these two immersed themselves and their guests in a gorgeously glam experience filled with light-hearted fun and darling details.

We love Megan’s perfectly on-point princess gown by Eva Lendel, complete with thigh-high split and elegant belt. Alongside her dapper new husband in his Hugo Boss suit, the effect was illuminating.

A neutral palette in hues of soft caramel, crispy ivory and creamy linen elevate the natural tones of the venue, while cloud-like floral arrangements provide textural impact. As well as pulling together an incredible overall effect, style and planning team, The Other Bridesmaid ensured that the newlyweds were relaxed and ravishing, able to enjoy every sweet moment.

This darling day is captured to visual perfection by the ever-talented Meg Read Photography. We cannot get enough of Megan and Andrew’s portrait shots, filled with effervescent energy and so much blissed-up love! This is one to notice, so scroll on.

The meeting.

We met at work. We both worked at Tennis Australia in Perth, WA, at the time. Andrew is a high-performance tennis coach, and Megan worked in marketing. We shared an office. For months, Megan used to watch Andrew walk past her window and never thought he was ever interested in anything other than tennis. Over time, they got chatting, and she was the one who ended up pursuing the relationship.

The ‘one’.

We never looked for that “moment”; instead, we evolved together as a couple. There was never that moment of finding it one; it was just that everything fit so seamlessly within our lives together.

The proposal.

Andrew had it all planned out. A very relaxed evening which was supposed to be on the beach in Swanbourne (WA) near our house at the time, followed by dinner at our favourite restaurant – the Shorehouse. It was supposed to be low-key. Megan ruined it all – she picked up earlier that day that he was going to propose, panicked, and overthought everything, then ruined the surprise so nothing went as planned. As it turned out, they ended up getting engaged that night on the couch at home – which was equally as perfect.

Planning process.

Picking the venue was the hardest part! We had just moved to Queensland for Andrew’s work, and we had no idea where to begin. We had lived in Perth, Megan was from Melbourne, and Andrew was from Hobart – safe to say it needed to be a destination wedding for everyone! The best decision we made was to get incredible wedding planners. We chose to work with The Other Bridesmaid, and honestly, it was the best decision we ever made. They quickly understood us as a couple and made the entire planning process so seamless. Everyone used to ask, “Why aren’t you stressed, Megan?” leading into the big day, and I genuinely can attribute this to Ash and the beautiful team at The OB. Aside from the actual planning process, Andrew basically allowed me to plan the wedding of my dreams, providing input when necessary, and now I look back on it, I know he adored watching it all come to life, filled with personal touches and most of all having a very relaxed bride!

Style inspiration. 

The OB girls and I worked hard at building out a stunning look and feel for the big day. I still look back on those concepts now and just adore them more and more. The venue itself is timeless, classy, and so chic, so we wanted to reflect this in our styling, as well as reflecting our own personalities. We were so lucky that the venue was truly incredible, so we only needed to curate smaller, more personal styling (i.e. florals, table settings etc.). This allowed us to focus more on ourselves, our guests, and just having the best day.

In those initial planning stages, I read anything and everything. It was so important for me to understand how the bride felt on the day because everything else would then fall into place. I loved reading any blog, article, social media story or magazine which allowed you to immerse yourself in the emotions of the day. That was so important to me. I knew my style; it was more about finding myself as a bride.

The ceremony.

We had so many special moments during the ceremony!

Firstly, seeing each other for the first time while I was walking down the aisle was truly something. It was windy and slightly overwhelming, but being able to steal a sneaky kiss before the formalities started calmed the nerves!

Secondly, for Megan, having my Dad able to walk me down the aisle was so special. This day was his little girl’s day, but after a few health scares, this day was just so much more for him, our family, and the guests able to witness it. He was the happiest man in the room; you couldn’t wipe the smile off his face (in between a few happy tears too). Moments Andrew and I will never forget.

Thirdly, it rained at that very moment we were saying our vows! A rogue cloud came over and sprinkled on us! We laughed – no one cared. I like to think it was our grandparents telling us they were watching at that very moment from the sky.

The outfit. 

Megan wore an Eva Lendel gown for the ceremony. The original gown looked nothing like it; we took sleeves off, created more opportunity to show a bit of leg and was just elegant, timeless and comfortable. It also had pockets! It was very bridal chic.

Meg’s second dress was a Rebecca Vallance Party dress. So much fun, especially during the evening shots our amazing photographer took! This dress was bought three weeks before the big day. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a second dress and would only buy one if I found one I absolutely loved – no regrets there!

Andrew wore a stunning Huge Boss suit. His favourite – so timeless and stunning. It took a bit to convince him of patent leather shoes, but we got there.

Favourite moments.

I couldn’t pick one moment! The whole day was incredible! I didn’t have to think of a thing; our suppliers, families, and bridesmaids/groomsmen were so committed to having a great time that there was no single moment I loved more than any other.

Meaning of marriage.

Marriage is what you make it. You can choose for it to be a challenge and create pressure for yourselves, or you can continue how you were before any formality and be best friends and partners and continue that crazy thing we call life – together. All relationships take work; it’s how to respect, love and enjoy that person’s time that makes a marriage.

Wedding soundtrack.

Aisle: Dancing in the Moonlight by Alexander Mills (Cover)

Reception entry: Somebody like you by Keith Urban

First dance: This Too Shall Last by Anderson East

Funny stories or near disasters.

The afternoon before our wedding, I had a spray tan. It was a tan that required you to shower two hours after the application. I was about an hour into the tanning process and was out chatting to my best friend (and bridesmaid’s) parents by the pool. Another rogue cloud came across and sprinkled on me, and I kid you not, I ran so quickly for cover but was a little too late. I look like a leopard with spots. I ran so quickly and showered it off; thankfully, I didn’t look like a leopard on the day, but it was a close call! I looked so ridiculous for a moment that my bridesmaid couldn’t control her laughter – neither could I for that moment, quickly followed by panic!

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