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The power of music is undeniable! Ever hear a beat, a rhythm, a lyric, a note held high and long that sends chills up and down your spine? How about a song or an artist that define a period of your journey in this life? Ever get caught up in an artist, learn all of their lyrics, the ins and outs of their music and just vibe out? Ever sing so passionately you begin to cry out some feelings you had tucked away? How about giving a concert in your bedroom, or car (in my case-minivan!)? What about a beat that gets you up on your feet, dancing? I know I’m not the only one who wants to break into a full on song and dance routine when certain songs come on!

Did you know that all of these elements are healing? Allowing the music and lyrics to settle into your soul, reflecting on your life and experiences, feeling inspired and hopeful is seriously the bread and butter of life!!! The purpose of music and healing is to take in the messages, feel and sing out your pain, and elevate yourself from your current state of being.

One of the tricks of this, is to have a diverse playlist…don’t be ashamed of appreciating any genre of music or artist. I have been made fun of forever about some of my musical healing inspirations…let the haters keep hating!  If it speaks to you, check it out! Your musical journey of healing is about you! If you’re not sure where to start, look through your own music library. How do you feel when you’re listening to your music? Some artists are in their dysfunction and stay in that lane with their music. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s also not a complement to your healing.  Sometimes we feel safe sticking with what we know… looking outside our box feels scary and we resist because it means being open to something different. It can also mean having to feel some of those painful feelings, or on the opposite side, moving away from the pain and starting the journey into hope, inspiration, and change!

After you diversify your playlist, begin to really listen to the lyrics. In most cases, the lyrics will not 100% be applicable to your unique story; however, chances are, there are levels on which you can relate to the story. It’s important to not only have the sad songs, but the songs that are about upliftment, moving through struggle and coming out the other side of the darkness. Most artists express their journey through their music, so if you find you’re feeling stuck, switch up your music. If you’re feeling really creative, write your own songs! There may be elements of your own story that need to be expressed. One of the other excellent benefits from diversifying your musical repertoire, is educating yourself on what was going on throughout history. Song and lyrics have been expressing what is happening culturally and politically since the dawn of music!

Want to know what the best part of your musical healing journey is?  It’s no ones business! This is something personal…if you have a trusted person that you feel safe to share with, go for it!  Create a playlist of your healing songs and rock out to them as needed! A great gauge to reflect when you’re in a better space about your own healing, is when you’re not needing to feel and hear the song(s) anymore.  That is your cue you’re growing and likely reaching your next healing level. CONGRATS!!! Continue to diversify and see your growth through your song choices. Sing on lovely people! Let the healing begin and continue!

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